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User Beware: Data Liability Disclaimer

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OBIS renders information prepared by contributors accessible through dynamic on-line publication. It does not peer-review the quality of the data provided. However, it is confident that the data are the best available in electronic form. OBIS does not own or try to control or limit the use of any data or products accessible through its website. Accordingly, it does not take responsibility for the quality of such data or products, or the use that people may make of them.


Users must recognize that the analysis and interpretation of data requires background knowledge and expertise about marine biodiversity (including ecosystems and taxonomy). Users should be aware of possible errors in the use of species names, geo-referencing, data handing and mapping. They should crosscheck their results for possible errors, and qualify their interpretation of any results accordingly. Appropriate caution is thus necessary in the interpretation of results derived from OBIS.


Users must be aware that OBIS is a federation and that it is necessary to refer to the websites of individual contributors for appropriate contextual, explanatory and interpretive information, and for relevant metadata. Users should also refer questions that they have concerning such issues to individual contributors though the procedures established in their respective websites. Questions about the portal function itself should be directed to OBIS Portal Support [obissupport (at)].